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McKenzie Method

I have been dealing with back pain for 5 years now and thought I would have to tolerate this pain for the rest of my life. I found Premier Plus Physical Therapy, and so very happy that I did! What I read on their website about "The Mckenzie Method" was what I knew I needed. I just had feeling about this place. By my second visit, I felt an improvement and every visit thereafter. I would HIGHLY recommend "Premier Plus Physical Therapy!"
Lynette M.
In case you might ask yourself "why go to Premier Plus", I can tell you that for me, my daily life quality has improved greatly. My knee, hips, and back were in constant pain, now I go through the day with very little if any discomfort. Because I have been using the McKenzie Method that incorporates heat ultrasound and electrical current on top of learning the correct way to exercise.

What is the McKenzie method?

The McKenzie method also known as MDT was developed by a world-renowned physical therapist; robin McKenzie in 1956 in wellington, New Zealand.

The McKenzie Method is a reliable, well researched assessment and treatment process for all patients suffering from musculoskeletal problems, including pain in the back, neck and extremities (i.e., shoulder, knee, ankle etc.), as well as issues associated with sciatica, sacroiliac joint pain, arthritis, degenerative disc disease, muscle spasms and intermittent numbness in hands or feet.

The treatment principle of the McKenzie method is to rapidly reduce pain, heals injury & weakness without the use of drugs or surgeries.

Many finds relief /results the first session. Most gets better within 6 sessions and our patients love it.

Why the McKenzie method?

At Premier Plus Physical Therapy, physical therapists use The McKenzie Method because it helps you get better quickly and permanently. The McKenzie Method focuses on getting to the root cause of your problem and don?t merely treat your symptoms.

The McKenzie Method has 3 steps:


The McKenzie assessment involves a comprehensive evaluation which assesses the effect repeated movements and static positioning has on your symptoms. Once we identify which movements or postures improve your symptoms and which aggravate your symptoms our physical therapist is able to provide you with a simple exercise aimed not only at resolving your current symptoms but also preventing further lapse in the future. The exercise that reduces your symptoms forms the basis of your ?treatment?. A large focus of your initial assessment is based on educating you how and why you developed your problem, what you can do to treat yourself, and how to resolve this episode and prevent future recurrences.


The exercise that reduced your symptoms during the assessment phase becomes your home exercise program that you will need to perform 5-6 times per day. This can minimize the number of visits to the clinic.


In the final stage, you will be prescribed preventive and maintenance exercise that allows you to overcome a?persistent problem and minimize the risk for recurrence.

Can the McKenzie Method help me?

If you answer yes to more than 3 questions, your chances of gaining benefit from The McKenzie Method? are very good. You will require specialized treatment by one of our certified McKenzie practitioner.

  1. Are there periods in the day when you have no pain? Even 10 minutes?
  2. Does the pain radiate to areas above/below the knee or above/below your elbow?
  3. Have you had more than one episode of low back pain or neck pain or joint pain over the past months or years?
  4. Do you feel worse during or right after prolonged bending or stooping; as in making beds, vacuuming, gardening, concreting, etc.?
  5. Do you feel worse when sitting for prolonged periods or on rising from the sitting position? E.g. after watching TV or working on the computer?
  6. Do you associate your pain with any one particular activity but are generally pain-free when not engaged in this activity?
  7. Do you feel worse when inactive and better when on the move?
  8. Do you feel better when lying face down? (You may feel worse for a minute before the pain subsides, in that case, the answer to this question is yes).
  9. Do you feel better when walking?

At Premier Plus Physical Therapy our certified McKenzie Therapists?are training to assess your problem and help you understand how you may be able to help yourself to improve your pain, stiffness or ability to do your work or daily activities. Unlike other past treatments, our solution actually speeds the healing process, normalizes tissue and make your body less vulnerable to re-injury.

We believe that The McKenzie Method enables us to help you become pain-free and gain control over your injuries.

Stop living in pain. Contact us at Sterling Heights, MI center?today.